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We create interactive maps

We specialize in the creation of interactive maps that help to visualize and understand the results of social studies, services or georeferenced urban situations, and any other information related to a specific geographic location. With our maps, users can gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of information, helping them make informed decisions and enhance their understanding of the world around them.

Transform the way geographic information is shared and consumed by enabling citizens to contribute new georeferenced data using their mobile devices while viewing it on interactive maps, fostering active participation and improving the accuracy and relevance of information. information in real time.

Maximize the dissemination of your work

Effectively and creatively share the results of your studies and investigations through an interactive map. Our tools allow you to present your work in a visually engaging and accessible manner, increasing its reach and impact.

Foster community involvement

Promote active participation from the community by enabling them to report new cases or supplement existing ones through the use of their mobile phone. Our tools allow for community engagement in data collection, resulting in increased accuracy and precision in the results.

Accessible from any mobile device

Universal accessibility: The community can access our app from any mobile device, be it a phone, tablet, or computer, regardless of brand or model.



Use cases

The following examples are use cases that demonstrate how our interactive maps and georeferenced information service can be applied to solve specific challenges in different industries and sectors. These use cases provide a glimpse of the possibilities and benefits that our service can offer.

Services offered to women in the Barrios Altos de Bilbao, Spain
Map of the Services offered to women in the Barrios Altos de Bilbao, Spain


Map of the museums
of Chile
Map of the museums 
of Chile
Map of the amateur radio operators in ChileMap of the amateur radio operators in Chile
Map of the social organizations in Talca, ChileMap of the social organizations in Talca, Chile
Map of the precarious settlements in Chile
Map of the precarious settlements in Chile
Map of the public services
in Chile
Map of the public services 
in Chile
Map of the neighborhood units in Chile
Map of the neighborhood units in Chile


Our solution is intended for:

Consulting firms, non-profit organizations, government entities, and any other public or private entity that seeks to implement an initiative involving the collection of georeferenced data in a specific territory. We provide the possibility of involving citizens and their local representatives in the process to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in data collection.

How does it work?

The client specifies the type of data that will be collected, the geographical places where the experience will take place are identified and it is established by whom the data will be collected. We will conduct training for those who will participate in the process. We implemented the data collection tool and the monitoring platform that allows us to know how the data collection is developing in real time. At the end of the process, we deliver the data and the computer platform for information sharing.


Three types of maps

There are three types of maps, depending on the type of information to be displayed:

  • Marker maps, which highlight specific locations and provide information.
  • Polygons, which are useful for demarcating territories or geographical divisions.
  • Magnitude maps, which are useful for displaying grouped events and in relation to a certain sector.


  • Simple: No installation is required, as we will handle the technical implementation and ensure proper functioning.
  • Accessible: Compatible with all types of devices and operating systems.
  • Participatory: These tools allow for community involvement and participation, if desired."


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